About Us


Aim to be involved with the latest in technology

Aroma Information Technologies Pvt Ltd was started in earnest in 2003 with an aim to be involved with the latest in technology. It was the early part of the century where mobile communication was just beginning to be common place, and there was a demand for not just sales but also services and repairs. Although we started in a small way, we constantly geared up, keeping a look out for products and services related to information and communication technologies.

Our next foray was into the CCTV and security systems, gaining experience in cabling installations also along the way, we moved on to networking solutions and server installations, extending to IP phones and services.

Itrack has taken keen interest in developing advanced tracking solutions for logistic support to various industries and are currently running test projects in a limited way. Our plans are to expand into the entire middle east region with high quality products and services.

With the advent of Global Positioning Systems based tracking devices in the UAE & India region, we realised the potential and picked a team of professionals who had experience and thorough knowledge of the technology involved in it. We became one of the tracking services providers with the approval of the Dubai Police’s Department of Protective Systems, with a range of products from which some are amongst the best in the world.